It has been some years since the Club has had a formal collection process for annual subscriptions for Membership of Old Crescent RFC. The good news is that we now have such a collection process in place! Members can now pay their annual subscription online at the following link:
This process allows Members to have an easy and quick way of paying their annual subscriptions online. In testing, feedback has been very positive with subscribers saying that the whole thing took no longer than 3 minutes to complete.
Existing Members
If you are already a Member of Old Crescent then all you have to do in order to be able to attend and vote at general meetings for this season is to ensure that your subscription is paid at the latest, 14 days before said meeting, notice for which will be sent by the Honorary Secretary. e,g our AGM normally takes place towards the end of May, the Hon Sec will send notice of that AGM (at least 14 days prior) and the sending of this notice will be considered the deadline for subscription payment for the season.
The following are the agreed subscription amounts for the season 2019/20:
Ordinary Members: €100
Playing Members: €50
Under 20s: €50
Paid up Members will be issued with a Membership card for the season and upon production of same shall gain free entry to AIL matches for that season.
New Members
Anyone who is not an existing Member of Old Crescent RFC can also pay their subscription (as above) through this method. However, as per the constitution, new Members shall be proposed and seconded in writing by Members of the Club in good standing and the proposal will be on display in the Clubhouse for 14 days before ratification of same by the Management Committee of Old Crescent RFC.
Please complete the OLD CRESCENT RFC MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION and email to [email protected] or post to Hon Secretary, Old Crescent RFC, Rosbrien, Limerick.
Life Members and Discretionary Payments to Old Crescent RFC
The Management Committee is grateful to all who have purchased Life Memberships of the Club in the past. All such Memberships are of course still valid and annual subscriptions are not required. However should any Life Member feel that he or she has received “full value” for their original payment they can of course contribute in the same way that Ordinary Members can as outlined above, without any obligation to do so.
Also note that anyone who wishes to make a discretionary payment (with no obligation) over and above the amounts listed for Ordinary Members etc. can do so as part of the payment process under “Additional Purchases”. While such extra discretionary contributions are always welcome to help with the running of the Club they do not confer any additional rights over and above those granted per the relevant Membership (Ordinary, Player, U20) payment made,
Underage Members
Note that underage subscriptions are collected through a separate process and are not covered by this communication.
If you have any questions as to the status of your Membership please email our Senior Vice President, Paul Donnellan at [email protected]
Should you wish to send Membership payments by cheque payable to Old Crescent RFC, please send to Paul Donnellan, 2 Springfields, Dooradoyle, Limerick