The IRFU Medical Department has developed a series of videos highlighting the importance of proper management of concussion in the domestic game.  The videos, which feature former Ireland international Alan Quinlan, have been specifically tailored for the key decision makers in the domestic game, namely, PLAYERSCOACHESOFFICIALS and FAMILY MEMBERS.

Specific concussion education videos have been produced for the Senior Player, the Junior Player, for Referees and for Family Members in order to highlight the seriousness of concussion and the role each of these groups has in the safe management of concussion within the amateur game.

Former Munster and Ireland star Alan Quinlan said, “Every weekend right across the country rugby games are taking place with players who are skilful enough to catch and pass, referees who are athletic enough to keep up with the play, coaches who are strategic enough to deliver a game plan and family members who are passionate enough to cheer on their team but unless they are all smart enough to recognise concussion and responsible enough to remove any player with suspected concussion then players of all age are at risk of serious injury.”

“Concussion is a brain injury that if not managed correctly can lead to permanent neurological impairment and even death.  It is vital that all within the game learn to manage concussion properly so that an injured player can safely rest and recover,” commented Dr Rod McLoughlin, IRFU Head of Medical Services.

The educational videos and the IRFU’s Guide to Concussion STOP-INFORM-REST-RETURN for the Domestic game are available to view, download and share on the IRFU website at

To request concussion wallet cards or information posters for your club or school, email [email protected] or call 01 647 3835

The IRFU’s number one priority is safety at all levels of the game, and has undertaken an ongoing and in-depth concussion education campaign which has resulted in over 75 concussion education talks attended by 2,500 people and 70 SAFE Rugby (Rugby specific first aid courses) attended by 1,200 people nationwide in the past two seasons.  In addition the IRFU has distributed over 50,000 concussion wallet cards and posters to accident and emergency centres and to rugby clubs and schools.  The IRFU has introduced mandatory concussion education modules in its coaching certification courses and its return to play protocols go beyond the minimum standard required.  Serious injury remains rare in rugby and the IRFU make every effort to ensure that all injuries are reported and recorded.